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Caron Renaissance is the beneficiary of the funds Michael raises running the Sahara Desert and Jordon 2012 races. As you read Caron’s history and learn more about its founder, Sid Goodman, below, it’s easy to understand why.

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Caron Renaissance was originally Renaissance Institute of the Palm Beaches when Sid Goodman founded it in 1990. The program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities and is licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Family Services. In March, 2003, internationally recognized Caron Treatment Centers acquired Renaissance as a longer-term care adjunct to their services.

About The Founder

Sid Goodman is the founder and executive director of Caron Renaissance and under his leadership for the past 20 years, Renaissance has helped thousands of families and their loved ones heal from the disease of addiction. Both and he and his staff share a commitment to providing quality treatment with a tremendous amount of compassion and program innovativeness. Under Sid’s direction, Caron Renaissance has created its Residential Family Restructuring Workshop which provides an entire family unit the unique opportunity to receive treatment as a family, because we know everyone suffers when addiction is present.

Caron Renaissance was an early pioneer in longer-term residential treatment, combining a very effective system of clinical services in an office setting with supervised residential care – known in the industry as the Florida model. Sid is among the pioneers of the Florida Model of treatment, which has been widely imitated in the region and, many think, kick started renewed addiction treatment growth after the dark days of managed care in the early 1990s.Over the years, Caron Renaissance has developed a complementary array of related clinical services as it has recognized the need to treat multiple addictions simultaneously. Attachment Disorder therapy has resulted in a very strategic coordination of patient, family, and vocational services. Long recognized for clinical excellence and recovery effectiveness, Caron Renaissance has continued improving its current services and developing new ones. The relationship with the medical profession has also been solidified with the addiction medicine component.

Sid also oversees community outreach with local Student Assistance Programming provided by Caron Treatment Centers to Palm Beach County schools. In addition, Caron Renaissance participated with five runners in the recent Run7on7.com effort to raise dollars and awareness for addiction. And annually, Caron Renaissance sponsors an addiction forum, to educate the public on groundbreaking therapies and programming.

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